Incoming Loans Overview

Incoming Loans

Incoming loans are often undertaken to augment an exhibition or to assist in teaching, research, and instruction conducted at a Harvard library. Whether the incoming loan is from another campus location or from an external institution, the process requires participation from a variety of stakeholders including library staff, shared services, the Harvard-wide community, and external vendors. When the loan is for personal research by an individual, Inter-Library Loan or other Get-It Services are appropriate; for all other uses that necessitate additional handling and exposure to risks, including classroom displays and exhibition, the incoming loan guidelines below should be followed.

Guidelines for loan processing and recommended timelines assist in planning for incoming loans. Adherence to the timelines enables libraries to prevent over-scheduling and to address concurrent priorities. Other related activities include creating a facility report and managing transport and packing of the borrowed items. The formal contract of conditions agreed to by both lender and borrower are recorded in an Incoming Loan Agreement.

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