EZ English is an online English learning application for Non-native speakers. I came up with this idea after looking for apps for my learning purposes and was not satisfied with the available apps at the time. 

Business Problem

The major problem this application wants to solve is to simplify the way to learn the English language. Language learning is a long-term process. The progress will be much better if the learner continuously uses what they’ve learned for an extended period. Unfortunately, It’s not convenient for Non-Native speakers to learn English, especially those who don’t have continuing exposed time to the English language. 

The desirable state of this application consists of three different parts.

  • Exploring: Learners can explore well-organized topics for them to learn or go through the learning path suggested by the system. Either they can continue their learning journey each time they open the app. 
  • Challenging: The challenging features consist of four main parts to test her reading, listening, speaking and writing skills while keeping her engaged via gamification system. It makes her has a game-like experience.
  • Survival guide: The location detection feature in this application allows learners to choose from a list of places to indicate where they are. Therefore, learners can study survival words and phrases based on current location, time, preferences and current language level in the app.


What makes this application appealing consist of three elements as follows:

  • Ease of use: Intuitive user interface and consistency across all platforms from mobile, tablet to a desktop computer make the application easy to use.
  • High-quality contents: Learning materials are well-organized and customized to the current level of each user.
  • Enjoyable: learner experience should be like they are playing a casual game rather than learning.
  • Predicted user population, usage frequency, and duration

One hundred thousand active learners are expected within the first year of service. Average frequency per user should be 3 to 4 sessions per week, 10 to 20 minutes per session. We should deploy the service globally and try to balance the users from different time-zone to optimize bandwidth usage throughout the day.


Essence of the project UX needs

Essential user experiences in EZ-English are: 

  • Self Assessment 
  • Customizable Contents 
  • Gamification

Self-assessment module is the way to find the baseline English knowledge of each user. After an assessment, users can quickly jump to the proper level of learning. They can go directly to the video course that fits their level of understanding. So learns can move right to their level of learning quickly and feel engaged right away. 

The most compelling feature which enhanced the user experience of this application is gamification. Users will feel like they are playing a game rather than learning. The lessons are just like a challenge stage. And the user interface of this application consists of characters, animation and sound effects much like a video game. So the user will be more engaged, thus adding to their long-term learning and memory development. Progress Tracking, Leaderboard, and Community features — like chatroom and forum — also add to the interactive accessibility, level assessment, and community involvement.



EZ-English is a multidisciplinary project from the knowledge by specific courses as followed.

  • CSCI E-12 Website Development 
  • CSCI E-31 Web application development using Node.js 
  • CSCI E-33A Web Programming with Python and JavaScript 
  • CSCI E-34 User Experience Engineering 
  • CSCI E-79 The Art and Design of Information 
  • DGMD E-30 Video Field Production 
  • DGMD E-35 Video Editing and Digital Design 
  • EDUC E-113 Instructional Design Studio

Produced by Poramate Minsiri