Overview of the FAS Postdoctoral Association

The FAS Postdoc Association is a community by and for the postdocs of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University, Cambridge campus. We work closely with the FAS Postdoctoral Office to build community among postdocs and provide opportunities for professional growth and development. We aim to fairly represent and advocate for the needs of the larger FAS postdoc community, and to enrich the postdoc experience by providing opportunities for social and professional development. This involves a wide range of topics and services that are dutifully taken care of by many volunteers. Help us to build a strong community and active association! Visit the main FAS Postdoc Association webpage for more information.

About the Careers Committee

Do you want to build a bridge between postdocs and industry? Perhaps better prepare yourself for a career in academia? Whatever your path, this committee helps organize events that provide tools for getting your ready for the job market.

We hold regular events to educate the large postdoctoral community at Harvard about the great diversity of careers available to Ph.D. scientists, especially those outside the traditional academic path that most scientists are well exposed to. Please visit our pages on Career Panels and Career Fairs for more information about past and future events! 

Join the FAS Postdoctoral Association and the Careers Committee

Many opportunities await you at the FAS Postdoc Association, and all kinds of contributions are welcome. We offer:
•    An open-minded environment where you can learn how to manage a team
•    Polish your organizational talent: organize workshops, panel discussions, or welcome events
•    Make new lasting friendships: get to know fellow postdocs and maybe you’ll become friends for life!
•    Take responsibility: we offer you visibility and freedom to sustain the association in many different ways
•    The place to be creative: Have you always wanted to organize a book club? Boardgame night? … we can help you do that!

Joining the Careers Committee has several additional benefits:

•    Gain tangible experience in community building, event organization, outreach, and networking
•    Meet, network with, and learn from postdocs in our large community spanning diverse disciplines
•    Form connections with scientists outside academia, ranging from staff scientists to CEOs, across a range of career sectors and employers in the Boston region and beyond

Our active and fun team is looking forward to hearing from you!

Reach out to us at faspda@fas.harvard.edu and one of our board members will get in touch with you.