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Faculty members may email the FHB Coordinator, Emily Sall (FHB@fas.harvard.edu), to post a research assistant position. All postings are removed after two months (unless an extension is requested at least three days before expiration). Faculty posting a job should include: (i) their name and official Harvard title, (ii) the field in which the job offer is being made (e.g., social neuroscience), (iii) a one paragraph description of the job opening, and (iv) contact information.

Faculty Seeking Research Assistance Postings

Research Assistance Openings, Evolutionary Psychology Laboratory

Harvard University Evolutionary Psychology Laboratory Seeking Research Assistance

Postdoctoral candidate in Evolutionary Psychology Laboratory looking to hire research assistants related to project on psychology and punishment, specifically studying why different people get different punishments for the same offenses. Research team will take an evolutionary approach to this problem, with the basic theory that punishment decisions are influenced by evolved cognitive mechanisms for maintaining valuable cooperative relationships. The project is going to involve running experiments and analyzing actual criminal sentencing data.

  • 5 available RA positions
  • Flexibility on hours; 5 hour weekly minimum
  • Immediate start; project will run for entire academic year 

For more information, please contact Dr. Adar Eisenbruch, adar_eisenbruch@g.harvard.edu