Research Marketplace

Inquiry Instructions:

Please email Emily DePuy (, the Coordinator of FHB, with requests for a listing in one of the categories listed above.  All listings are removed after two months (unless an extension is requested at least three days before expiration).  All listings should include the following information.

Faculty posting a job should include:

(i) their name and official Harvard title, (ii) the field in which the job offer is being made (e.g., social neuroscience), (iii) a one paragraph description of the job opening, and (iv) contact information.  

Students posting their interest in a job should include: 

(i) their name and official student status (e.g., Harvard undergraduate class of 2016), (ii) the field(s) in which they are looking for employment (e.g., genoeconomics), (iii) their desired hours and job duration, (iv) a copy of a current resume, and (v) their contact information.