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Students seeking research positions should email the following information to your resume, official student status at Harvard (e.g., Harvard undergraduate class of 2016), research interests, number of hours per week you want to work, duration of work, email address and phone number.  


Summer 2019

Isabel Ortega, C'22
Seeks research assistanceship in areas pertaining to behavioral
economics or other aspects of human behavior such as decision-making and influences on economic development.
Available June - July, 2019

Julia Olszewski, C'20

Economics and English double major with extensive experience as a research assistant in a labor economics lab at Tufts; the lab performed randomized controlled trials on empowerment interventions in garment factories around the world, very familiar with intervention-based and cross-disciplinary methods. Lab's work fused a number of diverse academic disciplines, from labor economics to social psychology to data science. Adept at STATA, Excel, and ODK, and has experience in writing literature reviews and running/analyzing regressions on large datasets.