FHIR Genomics Test scripts (already uploaded on

FHIR Connectathon Agenda and Remote WebEx info:

FHIR Genomics- Connectathon Skype Discussion Channel:
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FHIR Genomics on LinkedIn:

For SMART on FHIR Genomics google group:!forum/smart-on-fhir-genomics

IOM DIGITizE Implementation and FHIR Genomics:

FHIR Genomics code:
1. Latest code for server: FHIR-Genomics-2 - under development:
2. Codes of previous version for server: FHIR-Genomics-2-Version-Jan-6:\_JsETCKBqRWFDWDQ5TVlQcDg/view?usp=sharing
3. Sample codes for data in json:

Updated V3 Webinar Slides Introduction for FHIR Genomics:

Updated V3 Virtual Machine:

Click on 'download' as item is too big to 'preview.' Email contact person (see contacts page) for password to use non-guest account with server/code (guest account doesn't need password).
It takes about 2 gig of disk space. We recommend at least 10 gig free to use it. It can be opened with Virtualbox (must be latest version) for any major computer operating system. Free download here:

Introduction Video of FHIR Genomics and Precision Medicine: