Command-line Options

When you run FITS on the command-line, the following options are available:

Option Description
-h Prints a help message to the screen
-i Indicates that a file or directory to process will follow
-o Directs the FITS output to a file
-r Causes FITS to recursively process all files when the input is a directory
-v Outputs tool version information
-x Transforms the FITS output into standard XML schemas
-xc Outputs the FITS output plus the FITS output transformed into standard XML schemas
-f Path to an alternate fits.xml configuration file rather than using the default within FITS


Many of the options can be used together. For example:

.\fits.bat -i myFileToProcess.pdf -o theOutput.txt

When processing multiple files contained in a single directory whose output goes to another directory while using an alternate FITS configuration file:

./ -i /input-files-directory -o /output-directory -xc -f /alternate-fits-config/fits.xml