FITS Web Service

The FITS Web Service is a project that allows FITS to be deployed as a service on either Tomcat or JBoss. The code has been built and test using Java 7 and Java 8 and tested on Tomcat 7, Tomcat 8, and minimally on JBoss 7.1. The path to the service will be the WAR file name plus the service name. E.g. - For release 1.1.1 which provides the release artifact fits-1.1.1.war -- http://localhost:8080/fits-1.1.1/examine/  as the base URL. This can be adjusted by either changing the WAR filename or using server-specific settings.

The source code and further documentation for this project and using GET and POST requests to process input files with this URL is available on GitHub here:FITSservlet

Note: The latest and future versions of this project are built and tested using Java 8.