Standard metadata schemas

When FITS is told to output standard XML metadata (e.g. by use of the -x or -xc options on the command-line), the following community-standard XML schemas for technical metadata are used:

For audio: 

Short name AES Audio Object
Full name AES standard for audio metadata – Audio object structures for preservation and restoration
Maintenance organization Audio Engineering Society, Inc. (AES)


For documents: 

Short name DocumentMD
Full name Document Metadata: document technical metadata for digital preservation
Maintenance organization Florida Virtual Campus / Harvard Library


For images: 

Short name MIX
Full name NISO Metadata for Images in XML Schema
Maintenance organization Library of Congress (for NISO)

For text: 

Short name TextMD
Full name Technical Metadata for Text
Maintenance organization Library of Congress


For video:

Short name EBUCore
Full name EBUCore metadata
Maintenance organization European Broadcasting Union


For containers:

Short name ContainerMD
Full name ContainerMD
Maintenance organization Bibliothèque Nationale de France