FITS 1.3.0 Released

June 7, 2018

This release contains essentially the same functionality as release 1.2.1. However, from a code development perspective, the build tool used to create the FITS downloadable zip file has been changed from Ant to Maven. Also, due to some licensing issues, some of the Open Source dependencies contained within FITS have been updated. It is now also possible to change the Java heap size in the scripts that start FITS. This can be configured in either fits-env...

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FITS 1.2.2 Released

April 24, 2018
This release only contains a update to the OTS JAR file for internal use by Harvard University. There are no other bug fixes or modifications.

FITS 1.2.1 Released

April 10, 2018

This release includes an update of the embedded Jhove tool to version 1.20.1, which provides addition metadata output. There was also a bug fix in the XSLT for Jhove where image height was not being converted from Jhove output to FITS metadata. There have also been a couple of format normalizations for WAVE and XML file types.

This latest source code is available on GitHub...
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FITS 1.2.0 Released

August 16, 2017

This release will process and gather metadata for ZIP files and will transform to ContainerMD standard output. The embedded DROID tool has been updated to v.6.3 along with an update to its latest signature file to better identify file type.

Deprecated methods have been removed from There have also been other tweaks and bug fixes.

This latest source code is available on GitHub here. The...

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FITS 1.1.1 Released

May 30, 2017

This release has improved DROID performance. For very large files where approprate metadata can be extracted from the beginning of a file (certain types of video, for example), it is now possible to limit the number of bytes that the DROID tool examines. This is a new value in the fits.xml configuration file. More details here. By default, there is no change to file processing by DROID unless this...

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FITS 1.1.0 Released

May 1, 2017

The release provides improved performance for large (>2GB) WAV files. For those using FITS for development, there have also been changes to the public API of both and The release notes are here.

FITS 1.0.5 Released

February 1, 2017

This is a minor release.

The only change is an upgrade of an internal JAR file, ots_1.0.41.jar (from ots_1.0.39.jar) for improved performance.

Note: It may be necessary to increase Java heap memory when processing large audio or video file. To do this, modify the command line startup script by adding the following right after "java":
-Xmx<size> where <size> is in megabytes or gigabytes. For example: java -Xmx512m or...

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FITS 1.0.4 Released

December 6, 2016

This is a minor release.

There has been a minor configuration change to the Exiftool. A change was made in the parsing of ExifTool’s output to identify the TIFF EXIF format for certain types of TIFF files. The release notes are here.

The source code is no longer contained within the distribution ZIP files. However, it is available on the...

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