FITS 1.3.0 Released

June 7, 2018

This release contains essentially the same functionality as release 1.2.1. However, from a code development perspective, the build tool used to create the FITS downloadable zip file has been changed from Ant to Maven. Also, due to some licensing issues, some of the Open Source dependencies contained within FITS have been updated. It is now also possible to change the Java heap size in the scripts that start FITS. This can be configured in either (for *nix) or fits.bat (for Windows). Previous versions of FITS have been removed from the downloads page and have been archived.


Note: Undocumented from a previous release, it’s possible to limit the number of bytes read by Droid tool when analyzing input file -- this may be useful for very large video and audio file. This can be configuring in the fits.xml file by uncommenting the following line, editing the file extension (separated by commas if more than one), and editing the number of bytes (in kilobytes) to be read.

<!-- <droid_read_limit include-exts="mov,mxf" read-limit-kb="64" /> →

This latest source code is available on GitHub here. The downloads page only provides executable code and JavaDocs.