FITS 1.5.0 Released

September 10, 2019

This FITS release contains several changes.


FITS code is now built with Java 1.8 and is expected to be run with a minimum of Java 1.8.


The identification of various video formats and mime types have been normalized (.mov, .mp4, .meg-4, .avi, .rm, .rmvb, .wmv) whereas previously there had been conflicts in the <identification> stanza of the FITS output.


There is a new command line flag related to recursively processing files in nested directories. Currently, when the -r flag is used and the -o flag points to a directory with one or more sub-directories, all files will be processed and the output placed into the single output directory as designated by the -o flag. With the new -n flag (in conjunction with the -r flag), the output will be placed in the configured -o flag output directory yet the output file will have the same sub-directory structure as the input directory. Any subdirectories in the output directory will be created if they do not already exist.


The embedded Tika tool has been updated to v.1.22 to address a security vulnerability. The embedded Exiftooll has been updated to v.11.54. The fast-md5 dependency has also been upgraded.


The latest source code is available on GitHub here. The downloads page only provides executable code and JavaDocs.

Please let us know if you run into any issues or have any suggestions. And thank you for using FITS. 


The fits.xml configuration file no longer needs the element <fits_home>.</fits_home> so it has been removed       

The FITS Web Service has a new release due to the upgrade of a couple of dependencies. It is also available on the downloads page.