What We Do


We want to help the best hackathon projects in the world transform their ideas into marketable products and services. Our goals are to foster innovation and allow hackers to make a tangible difference in the world through continuing to develop their projects even after the hackathon has ended. Every year, more than 300,000 people from more than 100 countries participate in hackathons resulting in the creation of over 15,000 prototypes. Unfortunately, most of these prototypes never see the light of day again after their event is over, collecting dust in a GitHub repository or desktop folder until the end of time. We believe that there are many great and innovative ideas that come out of hackathons every year. However, a great idea means nothing if it is not implemented or never gets past the ideation or MVP stage. As the world's first global seed fund and fellowship program dedicated solely to hackathon projects, we step in after the event is over to provide selected hackathon projects with mentorship and funding.


What We Offer


We offer two different programs, a three-month fellowship program providing both mentorship and funding and the F(o)und Fund, a monetary grant providing projects with the necessary funds they need to take their project to the next level. When you join our programs, you will receive the funding you need while retaining full control of your team, you techinical vision and business strategy, and the resulting intellectual property. We will take no equity under any circumstances.