Join Our Team

Who We're Looking For:


We are a volunteer-driven nonprofit where interns take over real responsibilities with a strong focus on their individualized learning goals! All roles will work directly with the founders. We're a small team and will ensure that roles and tasks are adjusted to your specific learning objectives. We want our interns to lead teams, take initative, and establish new connections.

Open Positions:


1) HR and Recruiting

  • Work with the leadership team to recruit, interview, and onboard candidates
  • Organize and communicate learning and bonding opportunities across the whole team
  • Help ensure a positive and inclusive culture or learning and respect
  • Learn how to build culture in the time of virtual and remote work

2) Fundraising

  • Outreach to foundations, donors, and companies
  • Build a CRM to track and streamline outreach
  • Learn how to establish relationships with promising leads and build valuable connections

3) Research and Marketing

  • Conduct market research on the hackathon and innovation space
  • Manage content creation on social media
  • Create and distribute high quality content with veterans and leaders in the hacker space
  • Learn how to build relationships with key decision makers

4) Software Development

  • Full-stack development building a streamlined online platform for our applicants and clients
  • Add value from day one while working and launching features within the first two months
  • Write code to deploy a product used by hackers from around the world


Locations and Work Details:


We are completely remote and globally setup, and welcome team members from anywhere.

Roles are part-time (min. 5 hours/week) and will not be paid. Everyone in the nonprofit is 100% volunteer. We're accommodating both to students looking to volunteer while studying, but also to students who are deferring school to collect some real life experience while school is virtual.

By working with us, you will take on significant responsibility and make a direct positive impact! You'll be working in a nonprofit environment, and be able to build connections with students from various higher-education institutions as well as across the hacker and innovation spaces. We're dedicated to providing hackers with the opportunity to continue working on their project and to make a difference through deploying and scaling their innovations.


How to Apply:


Reach out to with your resume and we will be in touch within a few days.