Gendered impact of globalization of higher education: promoting human development in India


Drawing on a major research-project and in-depth field surveys of educational institutions, this book explores the significant role education plays in the promotion of human development and gender equality in India, situating this progression in relation to developed nations, the other BRIC countries and the ongoing attainment of the Millennium Development Goals. The book analyses the growth and expansion of higher education in India and how this has impacted upon human development and gender equality – especially for women – and argues that we need to review the entire structure of education and focus on the realization of people's potentials through their literacy, educational achievements, skill sets and performance in the labour markets as well as larger contributions to human development and societal progress. The analysis reveals key areas of reform and action that should be taken by policy-makers and educational institutions to promote further development and equality.


HOLLIS number: 990150497310203941