Research Affiliates

Affiliated professionals who offer useful expertise and input to the Research Team.


Christopher Altman

Vice President of Science and Technology (Space) and Director of Special Projects for UAPx

Paul Brennan

School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

Michael Broyde

Professor of Law, Emory University 

A. Bert Chabot

M.D. Candidate ‘22, Tulane University School of Medicine; B.A. English ‘18, Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences

Matt Checkowsky

Designer, Film maker and Entrepreneur

Chris Cogswell, Ph.D.

Chair, Scientific Advisory Board of SkyHub; PhD, Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University

Andy Cyr

Cyber Security

Alex Delacroix

Mechanical Engineering, Caltech Optical Observatory

Sergei Dobroshinsky

AI, Program Management

Mark Elowitz, Ph.D.


Stephen C. Finley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Louisiana State University

Rob Gaines

Data Engineer

Noah Gold

BA, Tulane University

Jesse Greco

Student, De Paul University

Teddy Jones

Entrepreneur, BA Biological Anthropology, Harvard University; MBA University of Virginia 

Farzam Karimi

Harvard Law School

Hakan Kayal, Ph.D.

Professor of Space Technology, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

Philippe Kessen

Mr. P.S.W.M. Kessen-Darley (LLM), Brainbridge Legal & Partners B.v., Amsterdam

Kevin Knuth, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics, University of Albany

Anthony Lux


Eric Masson

Tech specialist

Tarras Matla

Associate Director, University of Maryland Art Gallery

Andy Mead

Audio Engineer

Jeremy McGowan

Team members, UAPx

Florin-Stefan Morar, Ph.D.

Historian of Science; Harvard graduate; Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong

Uriel Perez

Software Engineer

Robert Powell

Executive Board Member, Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies

Bradley Reimers

AI/ML Engineering

Eno Reyes

B.Sc., Princeton University

Juan Salazar

ORFE, Princeton University

Forrest Schultz

President, Atlas Lens Co

Hassaan Tariq

Dalhousie University

Gerald Tedesco, BSc.

Mobile field laboratory

John Tedesco, M.Ed., B.S.E.E., CET

Mobile field laboratory

Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D.

Astrophysicist, bestselling author

Milton Villarroel

Slooh Space Ambassador, Global Schools Program Advocate

Gary Voorhis

President/Cofounder of UAPx

Evin Weissenberg

Computer Science, AI, Robotics

Tzvi Weitzner

CSO & co-founder,

Frank White

Author, The SETI Factor

Dan Wulin

AI/Data Analysis

Shayling Zhao

MA, Cognitive Science, AI/Machine Learning Engineering