Laura Domine from Stanford University receives Keto-Galileo Postdoctoral Fellowship

May 12, 2022
Laura Domine from Stanford University

It is my great pleasure to report that Laura Domine from Stanford University has accepted our offer of the first Keto-Galileo postdoctoral fellowship. Laura is scheduled to complete her PhD thesis in December 2022 and will start her appointment at Harvard on February 1, 2023. She has a broad education in physics and computer science, and the title of her thesis is: "Deep Learning-based LArTPC Event Reconstruction and Electron Neutrino Appearance Search in the ICARUS Detector".


Laura is the second postdoctoral fellow of the Galileo Project, following Dr. Richard Cloete who just arrived as the "Laukien-Oumuamua fellow" this week from the University of Cambridge in the UK.