I'd like to thank Roy Ahn, Sarah Staley, and Nicole Salazar for their creative, careful, and persistent work designing this website. Without Roy's initiative, Sarah's coordination, and Nicole's imagination, this could not have happened. Thanks to Tiziana Dearing, Executive Director of the Hauser Center for her vision and consistent support turning that vision into reality. Funding for this website was generously provided by the the Harvard Provost Fund for Information Technology, and the KSG Department of Information Technology. 

     Many people contributed to the crafting of this approach to the teaching of organizing. I am grateful to my parents for their love of learning, commitment to the "repair of the world," and having modeled pursuit of one's "calling." I am grateful to my organizing mentors Hollis Watkins, E.W. Steptoe, Cesar Chavez, and Fred Ross; and to my academic mentors Theda Skocpol and Richard Hackman. Adam Reich devoted many hours these past two years to rethinking and reworking the "Organizing Notes," the written underpinning of this work. I am grateful to the participants in my teaching team who have collaborated with me in this ongoing "work in progress": Erin Sweeney, Joy Cushman, Lisa Boes, Jorge Gastelumendi, Christina Wright, Jama Adams, Melanie Pascual, Rachel Anderson, Lisa Boes, Kate Botham, Adam Reich, Margaret Post, Jack Pan, Liz Steinhauser, Jeremy Bird, Andrea Sheppard, Aimee Carevich, Jenny Oser, Carlos Diaz, Heather Harker, Julia Greene, Tony Mack, Devon Anderson, Helen Vibholt, David Kramer, Geralyn Richard, Sara Shenka, Sandra Gallardo, Sam Marks, Stephan Frost, Jenny Spencer, Nicole Kohleriter, Esther Hernandez-Medina, Michael Grinthal, Ryan Friedrichs, Patrick Barron, Anne Marks, Michael Kadish, L. Stuart Rosenberg, Kimberly Harris, and Joshua Flax.

     For the unusual opportunity to develop this pedagogy at the Kennedy School, I am grateful to Mark Moore, Mary Jo Bane, Derek Bok, and Fred Schauer. And perhaps most of all, I am grateful to my students for the experience, commitment, hard work, and imagination they have contributed to this effort and for giving me the opportunity to have a "conversation with the future."

--Marshall Ganz