Topic 6: Action

“...[O]rganizing is not only about changing the self, it’s about changing the world, and changing the world means translating that insight, energy, understanding into something that actually re-organizes the environment out there--that actually changes things out there.”

–Marshall Ganz’s lecture on the topic of action.

In this section, Ganz focuses on how to "make it happen"--mobilizing and deploying resources to change "facts on the ground."  



    Ganz’s video lecture on action. (1 hour, 6 minutes)

    Ganz's video vignette on action. (23 minutes)

    Ganz's video lecture on campaigns. (1 hour, 1 minute)

    Ganz's video lecture on organizations. (1 hour, 5 minutes)

    (Note: RealPlayer is required for viewing these videos.)