The Politics of Genomics


Welcome! The genomics revolution is underway. The effects of this revolution appear widely -- in genetic food modification, breakthroughs in medical research, concerns about insurance companies’ or employers’ use of personal genetic information, courts’ use both to convict and to free those wrongfully convicted, identification of victims of the Srebenica massacre, and DNA testing to discover one’s genetic heritage (or that of one’s pet).

Despite the breadth of genomics research and the speed of discovery (or perhaps because of them), the public, policy-makers, and scholars have limited information about and few analytic frameworks for understanding its political and social import. In this project, we begin to understand how the genomics revolution is affecting people's lives through changes in law, policy, and politics.

Please stop by here frequently. We'll use this site to post articles, working papers, lecture notes, and items of interest relating to this genetic revolution.