Course Support

Our primary educational goal at the CGA is to provide spatial reasoning support for Harvard courses, including our flagship course, Maps and Mapping. Space and geography are critical themes across hundreds of courses within the overall Harvard curricula, and the CGA is committed to cultivating these themes. By developing new learning materials that deal with geospatial concepts and practices, we can facilitate student understanding using innovative, hands-on methods.

Instructors that are interested in adding a geography or geospatial angle to their curricula should contact Matthew W. Wilson for more information. The CGA has supported a variety of Harvard courses (see a listing here).
[ GeoCommons allows students to access as well as contribute web-based geospatial data, and create basic representations of spatial data. ]

[ PlaceNote supports dynamic annotations of place, linking Google Tables to ArcGIS Online, developed by CGA staff. ]
[ EpiCollect manages cloud-based geo-surveys that students can use to do data collection using their iOS/Android phones. EpiCollect allows mapping in the browser on the fly as well as support for downloading the data collected by students for more advanced analysis in GIS. ]