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Association for Global Political Thought Inaugural Conference

April 8-9 2022


Day 1: Friday April 8

Location: Boylston Hall 110 (Fong Auditorium)  


Panel 1: The Bounds of the Political: Between the National and the International

9:00-10:30 AM | Boylston Hall 110 (Fong Auditorium)

Omer Topal (Princeton University) "Ottoman Internationalism"

Sheng Zhang (張晟, Harvard University) "Negative Identity Interdependence in the Triadic Nationalist Narratives: Contradictory Korean and Chinese Historical Memories in Transformation Process to Nation-States"

Chris Chambers (Yale University) "Between Anarchy and Empire: Lionel Robbins and the Colonial Dilemmas of International (Neo-)Liberalism"

Chair and Discussant: Dr. Amsale (Amy) Alemu (Harvard University), moderated by Théophile Deslauriers (Princeton University)


Tea Break


Panel 2: The State between States in Early-Modern Political Thought

10:45AM-12:00 PM | Boylston Hall 110 (Fong Auditorium)

Prof. Eileen Hunt (University of Notre Dame) "Going Global with Democracy: Wollstonecraft, Shelley, and the International Politics of Popular Independence"

Prof. Shoufu Yin (殷守甫, University of British Columbia) "Liu Bei, Plato, et al. on Kingship: A Microhistory of Seventeenth-Century Globalization and Political Thought"

Sergio Leos (Harvard University) "'Americae sive Novi Orbis: The Spanish Indies and the Language of Contested Global Geography"

Chair and Discussant: Prof. James Hankins (Harvard University), moderated by Yidi Wu 吳一笛 (Boston University).


Lunch: 12:00-1:15 PM (Brazilian cuisine) | Boylston Hall 110 (Fong Auditorium)

AGPT Spring 2022 seminar, Prof. Durba Mitra: "Third World Women and the Rise of the Status of Women Report" will be streamed during lunch break.


Panel 3: Social Critique in Global Contexts

1:30-2:45 PM | Boylston Hall 110 (Fong Auditorium)

Théophile Deslauriers (Princeton University) "Representative Government as Anti-Imperialism: Edward Carpenter’s Radical Critique of Victorian Civilization"

David Ragazzoni (Columbia University) "From Fascism to populism, between socialism and liberalism: Norberto Bobbio’s Democratic Thought (early 1940s-early 1990s)"

Simon Luo (駱斯航, Indiana University) "Reawakening a Revolutionary Party: The Ancient and Modern Princes in Wang Hui’s Political Theory"

Chair and Discussant: Dr. Eric Fabri (Université libre de Bruxelles), moderated by Josh Freedman 費哲明 (Harvard University)


Tea Break


Panel 4: Anticolonialism: Networks, Diaspora, and Transnational Comparisons

3:00-4:15 PM | Boylston Hall 110 (Fong Auditorium)

Sandeep Bhardwaj (Ashoka University): "Defining Colonialism: Debates Between Nehru, Sukarno and Kotelawala (1954-1961)"

Yasmin Dualeh (Cambridge University): "Diasporic Vanguardism and Reverend Abraham Rihbany’s Anticolonial Thought c.1917-1922"

David Suell (University of Michigan): "History, Democracy, Socialism: Revisiting the “Untimely Continuities” in Nyerere and Cabral"

Chair and Discussant: Dr. Mohammed Marzuq Abubakari (University of Applied Management, Ghana) and moderated by Ying Wu 吳瀛 (Shanghai Jiaotong University)


Tea Break


Keynote Speech by Pratap Bhanu Mehta, Conversation, Q&A

"The 'Decolonial Moment' in Contemporary  Global Political Thought"

4:30-6:00 PM | Boylston Hall 110 (Fong Auditorium)


Dinner 6:00 PM (Himalayan & East Asian cuisine) | CGIS Knafel Building - K111 Fischer Commons Cafe


Day 2: Saturday April 9

CGIS South S010 Tsai Auditorium


Panel 5: Political Thought in Action: Resistance, Deception, Subversion

9:00-10:15 | CGIS South S010 (Tsai Auditorium)

Niklas Plaetzer (University of Chicago) "Fear of a Black Commune: Luiz Gama on Resistance as Civic Virtue"

Prof. Kevin Pham (Gettysburg College) "Phm Qunhs Cultural Resistance"

Anna Wherry (Yale Law School) "Narrowing Responsibility: Colombia’s Violence Commissions and the Politics of Human Rights, 1958-2011"

Chair and Discussant: Prof. Doris Sommer (Harvard University) Moderated by Sama Mammadova (Harvard University)


Tea Break


Panel 6 New Methods in Political Theory: Beyond & Between Analytic and Critical Approaches

10:30-11:45 | CGIS South S010 (Tsai Auditorium)

Ritwik Bhattacharjee (University of British Columbia): "Towards Learning to Let Go – Diagnosing the Psychopathology of Settler-colonial Canada"

Daniel Zimmer (Cornell University): "The Blind Spot in Biopolitics: Michel Foucault and the Power to Kill Life Itself"

Dr. Shuk Ying Chan (Oxford University): "Towards A Postcolonial Global Justice: The Egalitarian Face of Decolonization"

Chair and discussant:  Dr. Bo-Mi Choi (Harvard University), moderated by Bulelani Jili (Harvard University)


For any questions, please reach out to Hansong Li (hansongli@fas.harvard.edu) & the AGPT organising committee (globalpoliticalthought@g.harvard.edu)

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