The Association for Global Political Thought is a graduate-led network of scholarship on political ideas in the international society and global contexts, based at Harvard University. It convenes a seminar series each semester and hosts an annual conference for both emerging and established scholars around the world. 

The purpose of the AGPT is to work with existing initiatives positioned within and beyond the discipline to explore the innovations in theory, method, and empirics necessary for renovating a field that some describe as analytically exhausted in the face of contemporary, global political predicaments. Recognizing the hierarchical practices of boundary-drawing that have historically characterized this field, the project seeks to contribute to work that pioneering scholars have for decades undertaken to interrogate the discipline's constitutive exclusions and limits.

The AGPT is an interdisciplinary and international project. Its members span multiple allied fields and synergetic methods: political philosophy and intellectual history, social theory and political economy, international relations and global governance, and areas of interest: North and South America, Europe and Africa, the Middle East, South, East, and Southeast Asia, from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. AGPT members hail from diverse schools and states, countries and continents, from Arizona, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Wesleyan, and Johns Hopkins, to London and Cambridge, and to Tsinghua and New Delhi.