Utku Cansu

Utku Cansu

Graduate Associate

Utku is a PhD student in the political philosophy program at Princeton University. Before Princeton, Utku studied politics at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, conducted research at the Berliner Institut für kritische Theorie, and completed a Master’s degree in Political Science at Duke University as a Fulbright Scholar. His scholarly interests comprise the history of republican thought, Machiavelli’s writings on civil-military relations, and the role of aesthetics and politics in Nietzsche’s thought. Utku is currently working on his dissertation project focusing on Nietzsche’s political thought.

Josh Freedman

Josh Freedman (費哲明)

Graduate Associate

Josh Freedman is a PhD candidate in the Department of Government at Harvard. His research focuses on technocracy, bureaucracy, and the political theory of science and expertise in contemporary China. Before coming to Harvard, he lived and worked in Beijing and in Washington DC, researching and writing about social and economic policy issues in both China and the United States.

Katherine I

Katherine Irajpanah

Graduate Associate

Katherine Irajpanah is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Government at Harvard University, where she conducts research on international security, US foreign policy, and armed conflict. She is also a research affiliate at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. At Harvard, she has taught Government 1790: American Foreign Policy.

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Bulelani Jili

Bulelani Jili (启阳)

Graduate Associate

Bulelani Jili is a Ph.D. candidate in African and African American Studies at Harvard University. His research interests include Africa-China relations, Cybersecurity, ICT development, African Political Economy, Internet Policy, and Privacy Law. His research at the China, Law, Development project at Oxford University, funded by the European Research Council, is a 5-year, interdisciplinary and multi-sited research project that aims to understand the nature of order that underlies China’s new globalism.

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Sungho Kimlee (李昇鎬)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sungho Kimlee studies political theory ancient and modern. Currently based at Tsinghua University, he is writing a book comparing self-cultivation in ancient Greece, China, and India. His research interests include virtue ethics, comparative religion, and the history of democratic institutions. He received his PhD from Harvard University in 2017, and was a Berggruen Fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University. His dissertation, Factions and Orders: from Machiavelli to Madison, traced the evolution of political thought on civic divides. His article, “The plebe in the Florentine Histories: Machiavelli’s notion of humours revisited” has been published in History of European Ideas.

Sergio Leos

Sergio Leos

Graduate Associate

Sergio Leos studies the shifting intellectual perspectives in the early-modern era, especially throughout the Iberian Atlantic world of the 16th and 17th centuries. His current research focuses on the ways Europeans interpreted and accommodated the unfamiliar realities of the New World. Other interests include the practice of ethnography and the effects of migration on individual and collective senses of identity. Prior to entering the Ph.D. program at Harvard, Sergio completed his B.A. in History with a certificate in Latin American Studies at Princeton University in 2017.

Hangwei Li

Hangwei Li (李杭蔚)

Hangwei Li is a scholar of African society and politics, a political scientist at SOAS, University of London, and an advisor of African Views Organisation. She was also a Predoctoral fellow at Harvard Kennedy School and a researcher at the Global Development Policy Centre, Boston University. Hangwei has a broad interest in African political thought, post-colonial theory, theories on media politics, political theories of migration, the political economy of Africa and China-Africa interactions.

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Simon Luo

Simon Sihang Luo (駱斯航)

Graduate Associate

Simon Sihang Luo is a PhD candidate in political theory at Indiana University, Bloomington. His dissertation investigates the critical relationship between memories, emotions, and possibilities of democracy and democratization by taking the intellectual debates in post-Cultural Revolution China (1976-now) as a case study. His research and teaching interests include political theory, modern and contemporary political thought, comparative political theory, democratic theory, Chinese politics, Marxism, critical theory, political emotions, and political memories.

Sama Mammadova

Sama Mammadova

Graduate Associate

Sama Mammadova is an Azerbaijanian scholar of European art and intellectual histories. After her joint BA in History and History of Art and Architecture at Harvard University in 2017, she is currently a PhD candidate in Harvard's History Department. She studies the economic, religious, social, and visual histories of late medieval and Renaissance Italy. Centered around the history of moneylending in the 14th-16th centuries, Sama's research analyzes ways in which theological discourses on usury and moral economy influenced the perception of penitence, magnificence, and artistic patronage in late medieval and Renaissance Italy.

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Jacquelene Mwangi

Graduate Associate

Jacquelene Mwangi is a Kenyan scholar of law, politics, and economy. She is currently an S.J.D. Candidate Graduate Program Fellow, LL.M Advisor at Harvard Law School. Her interests lie at the intersection of law, technology, and innovation theories. Her doctoral work centers on the historical and current political theories of technologies in Sub-Saharan African societies, and its evolving relationship with rules and institutions, the state, and society.

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Kelvin Ng's profile photo

Kelvin Ng

Graduate Associate

Kelvin Ng is a PhD candidate at the Department of History at Yale University. His research interests broadly lie in the history of imperialism and anti-imperialism in the early-twentieth-century Indian Ocean circuit. Specifically, his current research project is situated between intellectual history and labor history, with a focus on forms of unfree labor migration—including slavery, indenture, prison labor, and debt bondage—that emerged to be generative of new spaces, novel forms of thought, and radical political claims around race, caste, nationality, and sovereignty.

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Zhang Sheng

Sheng Zhang (張晟)

Graduate Associate

ZHANG Sheng is a graduate student in the Middle Eastern Studies program at Harvard University. His areas of research interests include but are not limited to Middle Eastern political history, China-Middle East relations and interactions, China-South Asia relations and historical interactions, contemporary Chinese diplomacy and politics, Chinese ethnic history. In particular, he studies international socialist movements in the twentieth and twenty-first century, Marxist theory, post-colonial theory, and political thoughts of Socialism in China, South Asia, and Middle East.

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