Sheng Zhang (張晟)

Sheng Zhang (張晟)

Graduate Associate
Zhang Sheng

ZHANG Sheng is a graduate student in the Middle Eastern Studies program at Harvard University. His areas of research interests include but are not limited to Middle Eastern political history, China-Middle East relations and interactions, China-South Asia relations and historical interactions, contemporary Chinese diplomacy and politics, Chinese ethnic history. In particular, he studies international socialist movements in the twentieth and twenty-first century, Marxist theory, post-colonial theory, and political thoughts of Socialism in China, South Asia, and Middle East.

Zhang is a non-resident research fellow of the Liaoning University Research Base for the Network of China-Japan-Korea Trilateral Cooperation of Think-tanks (NTCT), a Research Fellow of the Chengdu Institute of World Affairs (CIWA), and an Honorary Expert Advisor of the Jeevraj Ashrit Foundation and Research Fellow of the International Peace Institute-Nepal, based at Kathmandu, Nepal.


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