••••FRIDAY, 7 FEBRUARY 2020••••

12:00 PM • Registration

1:00 PM • Opening Remarks


1:15 PM • Session 1: Transnational Bodies and National Power

Anne Shreffler, Chair

  • Seeing and Hearing Disability in Mauricio Kagel’s Repertoire from Staatstheater (Bethany Younge, Columbia University)
  • “New” Conceptualism in Music? Interconnections between European and U.S. Postwar Avant-gardes (Monika Voithofer, University of Graz)
  • Deafening Whisper: Russian Youth Speak to Authorities (Michael Mazin, McGill University)
  • We Refugees: Collectivity as a Muting Act (Lee Gilboa, Brown University)


3:15 PM • Break


3:30 PM • Roundtable Discussion

Dana Gooley, Chair

  • Virginia Danielson (Harvard University)
  • Lester Hu (UC Berkeley)
  • Alexander Rehding (Harvard University)
  • Kate van Orden (Harvard University)


5:15 PM • Dinner [TBD]


7:30 PM • Session 2: Lecture Recitals

[Holden Chapel, Harvard Yard]

Yvette Jackson, Chair

  • Hearing “Schubert”: Tracing Musical Values through the Piano Sonata in A minor, D. 845 (Christine Wu, Yale University)
  • Motivic Unity in Richard Danielpour’s Piano Fantasy (Michael Clark, Rice University)
  • Explore Gagok [ga-gok]: Korean Art Song (Joanna H. Kim, Eastman School of Music)
  • SPARKS: Scordatura: Practical Application, Research, and Knowledge Through Sympathetic Strings (Lawrence Wilde, Princeton University, and Charles White, Brandeis University)


••••SATURDAY, 8 FEBRUARY 2020••••

8:30 AM • Registration and Coffee

9:00 AM • Session 1: Performance, Text, and Musical Mediation

Landon Morrison, Chair

  • Connections in Wyschnegradsky’s Preludes (Saad Haddad, Columbia University) 
  • Deep Play (Alicia Britton, Boston University)
  • Ghosts at the Machine: Conjuring the Fantastic at the Player Piano (Devanney Haruta, Wesleyan University)

11:00 AM • Break

11:15 AM • Session 2: Historical Theories, Historical Subjects

Joseph Jakubowski, Chair

  • Accounting for the Countess: Galant Schemata in Friederika Sophie zu Epstein’s Minuets (Jonathan Salamon, Yale University)
  • Heinrich Schenker and Georg Capellen: Conceptualizations of the Future at the Turn of the Century (Anne Hameister, Hamburg University of Music and Drama)
  • The Parallelism between Music and Mythology: A Study on Graeco-Mesopotamian Legends (Patrick Huang, University of London)

12:45 PM • Lunch

2:30 PM • Session 3: Colonialism, Racial Politics, and Sonic Ontology

Virginia Danielson, Chair

  • On the Linguistic-Syllabic Cognitive Mapping of Sound in Japanese Culture, Interpreted through Medieval Japanese Gagaku Music (Zhoushu Ziporyn, Princeton University)
  • Sonic Activism Against the Tear Gas: Hongkonger’s Raging Roars and Sound Acts (Winnie W C Lai, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Haunting Vocalities: Sinophone Articulations across Asia/America (Samuel Chan, New York University)
  • Kurds and the Cairo Congress of 1932: Colonial Legacies of Exclusion (Jon Bullock, University of Chicago)

4:30 PM • Break

5:00 PM • Keynote Address from Dr. Lester Hu (UC Berkeley)
“Why the Chinese Hated Harmony, 1754-1781: Towards a Comparative Musicology from the Margins.”