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Across The Sonic Border (Variations on 50hz)
Amina Abbas-Nazari (Royal College of Art, London)

The Failure of Bodies and Systems, Sewing the Field
Sivan Cohen Elias (Harvard)

Pop Will Eat Itself: Hidden Cycles of Exchange in Contemporary Sound
Julian Day (Sydney College of Arts, University of Sydney)

Preparing for a popular music career: gendered work and imagined futures in India
Anaar Desai-Stephens (Cornell)

Broken Teeth and Bent Trumpets: Regulating the Labor of Early-Modern Trumpeters
Joshua Gailey (Yale)

The New Deal Behind Bars: Henry Cowell, Music Reform, and the Great Depression at San Quentin
Velia Ivanova (Columbia)

The ‘Resort’ Studio: Constructing Rock Musicians’ Labor as Both Work and Leisure
Gabrielle Kielich (Carleton University)

Symbolic Capital, Neoliberal Labor, and the Omnivore Composer
Andrea Moore (UCLA)

Shaping the Subject with Sound: Homo Economicus and the ‘Affective Logic of Late Capitalism’
Jordan Musser (Cornell)

Anachronic Song? Replicating the Romanesca
Mark Rodgers (Yale)

‘This Must Be The Single’: Valuing the Live Recording in Contemporary Gospel Performance
Braxton Shelley (U Chicago)

When Opera Met Film: Copyright and the Implications of Cinema
Christy Thomas (Yale)

Female Labor and Video Games in the Work of Electronic Composer Laetitia Sonami
Lucie Vágnerová (Columbia)

Music Imitating Machines, Machines Imitating Humans: Industrialization and the Three Kinds of Mechanical Music
Allison Wente (U Texas, Austin)