Week 1 Reading and Video Assignments

January 26, 2012
DUE: 8am Sunday, Jan 29.
READING: Unifying Political Methodology Chapters 1-3 and Publication, Publication. You can find both of these reading assignments on NB after you have subscribed*. 
VIDEO: "Simulation".  You can find this video (and many other videos for the course) on this website, under Lecture Materials. The link to the simulation video is here.  It is password protected to Harvard IDs and those signed up for the E-school, so if for some reason you can't access it, let us know.  (Don't forget to click on 'sync slides with video' and you'll be able to watch the slides move automatically during the lecture.)
*You will need to sign up for NB so we can all read and annotate the reading assignments together. You can subscribe to our class by following this link.