Text Analysis

Text Analysis: Statistical analysis when the observation is a text document of some kind.

Supervised Learning

Supervised Learning: Estimating the average in a category vs. individual classification, dealing with measurement error, extensions to an apparently unrelated application in epidemiology and public health.

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 Quantities of Interest in Text Analysis and Representing Text as Numbers (22:27)
  Existing Statistical Approaches to Estimating Proportions in Categories (10:22)
 Using Misclassification Rates to Correct Proportions (12:55)
  Verbal Autopsy Methods (07:18)

Unsupervised Learning

Unsupervised Learning: fully automated vs computer assisted cluster analysis; why humans are incapable of learning from text as well as computers & why computers can't do it without humans.

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Videos ( Printable slides to accompany videos )

 New Strategy for Cluster Analysis (28:22)
  Applications of Cluster Analysis (19:33)