Gov 2001 Learning Resources

Gov 2001 Learning Resources

  • The Lecture Notes & Videos tab is the main source of course content. You'll find the videos, readings, slides, notes, and R code from the weekly lecture and section.
  • All questions about class material should be posted to the discussion board on Canvas You will get quicker responses to your questions because your classmates can help you, too!  If you do not have access to the site after the registration period has ended, please e-mail Stephen and Solé.
  • Your questions may have been answered in previous years!  Check out the Gov 2001 e-mail list archives for a searchable dataset over a decade of Gov 2001 e-mail questions.
  • See our new app, 2K1-in-Silico, that enables you to engage with and learn deep concepts from class before worrying about computer coding or technical details; all math is included in our standard class notation.

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  • Gov2001 alumni have a Facebook group; if you are an alumni or current member of this class join here:

Other Relevant Resources

  • Replication Paper Tips: Here are some tips on selecting a replication paper and the replication process: Gary's tips and  papertips.pdf , and here are some successful replication papers  goodrich.pdf ,  Imai ,  Reeves et al.
  • If you have math related questions or are looking for a review of relevant topics in math (Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability, Optimization) and computing (R & Latex), please see here:  Math Prefresher for Political Scientists

Gov 2001 Dataverse

  • Check out previous replication papers and the data associated with them on the Gov 2001 Dataverse.