Harvard Extension School Policies

Accommodation Requests. Harvard Extension School is committed to providing an inclusive, accessible academic community for students with disabilities and chronic health conditions. The Accessibility Services Office (ASO) (https://extension.harvard.edu/for-students/support-and-services/accessibility-services/) offers accommodations and support to students with documented disabilities. If you have a need for accommodations or adjustments, contact Accessibility Services directly via email at accessibility@extension.harvard.edu or by phone at 617-998-9640. 

Academic Integrity. You are responsible for understanding Harvard Extension School policies on academic integrity (https://extension.harvard.edu/for-students/student-policies-conduct/academic-integrity/) and how to use sources responsibly. Stated most broadly, academic integrity means that all course work submitted, whether a draft or a final version of a paper, project, take-home exam, online exam, computer program, oral presentation, or lab report, must be your own words and ideas, or the sources must be clearly acknowledged. The potential outcomes for violations of academic integrity are serious and ordinarily include all of the following: required withdrawal (RQ), which means a failing grade in the course (with no refund), the suspension of registration privileges, and a notation on your transcript. 

Using sources responsibly (https://extension.harvard.edu/for-students/support-and-services/using-sources-effectively-and-responsibly/) is an essential part of your Harvard education. We provide additional information about our expectations regarding academic integrity on our website. We invite you to review that information and to check your understanding of academic citation rules by completing two free online 15-minute tutorials that are also available on our site. (The tutorials are anonymous open-learning tools.)