Lecture Notes for Advanced Quantitative Political Methodology

These are materials from class, previous years, and section (all with videos, slides, R code, and other materials).   When I lecture, I go through as much material as possible at each lecture, subject to the constraint that everyone follows what I'm doing. The speed at which I go is therefore dependent on the composition of each year's class and the questions that arise. As such, the slides below are not broken up into distinct weeks (I seem to go through roughly 15-20 pages in a weekly session lasting almost 2 hours, but issues and topics not represented here are covered most weeks).  

In class, in addition to lecturing, we will use LearningCatalytics (which I helped develop), along with some other demos and collaborative learning tools.

Separate PDF versions of the slides appear for teaching (i.e,. with pauses, etc.) and for (color) printing. R code is provided for each section. I update this material almost continuously while I teach. I'd very much appreciate if you would contact me with any comments, corrections, or suggestions.

Videos for 2014 lecture and section will be available in the sections at the right, and also here.  

Videos from previous years are available here:20132012. Access may require being logged in via your Harvard ID.