Problem Sets and Annotations

Each week, you will have reading and problem sets.  

Reading assignments will be acquired and done in You will also collaboratively annotate the readings, asking questions you may have, answering other students' questions, and generally engaging with the material and each other. To get started in Perusall, see Getting Started. We will explain more in Section as well.

We strongly encourage you to work together in groups on the problem sets, so long as you write up your work on your own, by yourself, without having anyone check your work before you hand it in.

Problem sets must be submitted each week by the beginning of section (Wednesday 6PM).  The full solution key will be posted so you can review your answers.  Because we will be posting answer/solution keys immediately after deadlines, we can't give credit for late work. You can still turn in late work for feedback and help learning the material. The problem sets - including looking at the solution  keys - is an extremely important part of the learning process, so please keep up and let us know if you have any questions.