What do you need help with?


Problem set

  1. Annotate the problem set on Perusall.
  2. Come to drop-in or 1:1 office hours (book using the Calendly links below!).

Video or reading comprehension

Annotate the resource on Perusall

Specific R questions

  1. Google the error (this is good practice — much of learning how to code is about learning how to ask the right questions, using the correct terms). Stack Overflow posts are often particularly helpful.
  2. Check R for Data Science, a free book by the authors of R packages including ggplot2, tidyverse, and lubridate!
  3. Ask a member of the teaching team through Perusall.

Personal questions or concerns

Contact Gary, Aleksandra, or Uma directly through Perusall

Accessing Perusall

  1. Sign into Canvas and try again.
  2. Contact a TF via email (aleksandraconevska@g.harvard.eduor

Replication paper

  1. Gary’s Publication, Publication paper
  2. General replication paper tips

Other questions or thoughts


Scheduling 1:1 office hours

Uma: Uma’s Calendly

Aleksandra: Aleksandra’s Calendly



General R questions

  1. Guide to R installation
  2. R for Data Science
  3. Advanced R
  4. R Packages
  5. Tutorials and guides: UCLA, overview of tidyverse, DataCamp

General LaTeX questions

  1. Guide to LaTeX installation
  2. Prefresher LaTeX resources
  3. LaTeX Wikibook

General content questions or review

  1. Many useful resources can be found at the Math Prefresher for Political Scientists website (some of which are linked above!).
  2. Introduction to Probability
  3. Check the course textbook!

Harvard Applied Stats Community

  1. Applied Statistics Workshop (GOV 3009)
  2. Harvard IQSS