Special Rules for Extension and Distance Learning Students

This course is being offered as part of the Harvard Extension School's Distance Education Program. The recorded class meetings that you will view are from the Harvard FAS course, Government 2001, and this meets once per week throughout the term.  Even though your participation will take place online, you are responsible for homework, readings, quizzes, and all other work.  There will also be weekly on-campus section meetings and office hours for students who are able to attend, or watch the videotape of the section. Please see the Harvard Extension School distance education web site for more information.

Students taking the class through the extension school will complete a final exam instead of the replication paper.  They will, however, participate in the replication assignment by replicating others' work.  

All students will need to have access to the course webpage, which is operated by FAS. If you do not already have a Harvard ID, please make arrangements to get one or to set up an XID.

If you're in town, we'd love to have you in class physically, as long as there is room (and there usually is).