Who Takes This Course? Do I have to take it for a grade? Can I sit in?

Following Gov 2000 or the equivalent course in linear regression, Gov2001 is the second in the methods sequence for Government Department graduate and undergraduate students.  While not required, most Government graduate students doing empirical work take the course.  Graduate students in other departments and schools at Harvard (and in the area) also take the course. Undergraduates are especially welcome to take Gov 1002, which is taught along with this class.  Non-Harvard students and others may also take this course by registering through the Harvard extension school, for course credit or as an auditor (see course number Stat E-200). 

If there are seats in the room you're welcome to attend even if you're not formally registered, but if possible we would appreciate if you would sign up formally (as our teaching fellows get paid more!). If you are not a Harvard student, you can easily do this via Harvard extension school course Stat E-200 (and there is financial aid if you need it too).

If you need cross-registration papers signed, please bring them to the first class. You don't need permission from us to take the course. We observe that students who take the course for a grade participate more and get far more out of the experience (even among many of those who think or say it will be otherwise), but pass/fail and formal auditing are okay with us too.