Readings and announcements for 3-24

March 24, 2014

Readings for this week:

UPM - 5.4 through 5.10
Becker and Kennedy 92 - A Graphical Exposition of the Ordered Probit 
Harris and Zhao 07 - A Zero-Inflated Ordered Probit Model, with an application to modeling tobacco consumption (focus on sections 1 & 2)

Don't forget your replications are due on Wednesday at 6pm. There will be a quiz on Canvas where you can upload your write up, code, and data.

In the next day or so, you'll receive information about the paper you're going to re-replicate. It's your responsibility to get your write up, code, and data to the group you're switching papers with. Please do this by Wednesday night as well (before or after section would be a good time to do this exchange).

You'll each be required to re-replicate the paper you received. You should run the code you received, read the original paper, and read the writeup given to you. You should then produce a memo with feedback for the other group. In this memo you can give them suggestions about their code or about their final paper ideas. You should get this memo to the other group by next Wednesday (March 31).