The GOV 2001 Community

Who Takes This Class?

A diverse array of students have taken this course --- including undergraduates; graduate students from every Harvard school; graduate students, postdocs, others from nearby universities; and many others via distance learning. Unexpected connections with students in fields you might not know about or at different levels, experiences, or ages tends to be a valuable part of the class experience. Here's a summary:

This course, as GOV2001, is taken as the first in the methods sequence for Harvard Government Department graduate students.  The large majority of Government graduate students doing empirical work take the course.  Graduate students in other departments and schools at Harvard (and in the area) also frequently take the course. A link to enroll in the course can be found here.

Undergraduates may also enroll in GOV2001. Integrating you into this course, and treating you like a graduate student is often an enlightening experience, and not as scary as it sounds. Unlike most of college, research is a team sport, with everyone contributing what they are capable of. For example, undergraduates may have better math skills, and graduate students may have more wisdom about scholarship (and sometimes the reverse); together they make great research teams.

Non-Harvard students and others may take this course by registering through the Harvard extension school, for course credit or as an auditor (see course number STAT E-200). A link can be found here. Information on financial aid for the extension school can be found here.

If you need cross-registration approval, submit the relevant forms via the online system and we'll take care of them. If you need paper forms signed, bring them to the first day of class.

Auditing: We observe that students who take the course for a grade participate more and get far more out of the experience (even among those who say they are different!), but pass/fail and formal auditing are okay with us too. Be careful not to fool yourself, however: This is an extremely strong empirical regularity.

Unregistered Students: If there are seats in the room, you're welcome to attend even if you're not formally registered, but we would appreciate if you would sign up formally (as our teaching fellows get paid more!). If you are not a Harvard student, you can do this via Harvard extension school course STAT E-200 (and there is financial aid if you need it too).

Our Alumni

There is a community of scholars associated with Advanced Quantitative Methodology Class going back many years.  We maintain a Gov2001 Alumni Group on Facebook (exclusive to those who are taking or have taken the class) that allow us to share job opportunities, announce achievements, and stay in touch with each other. 

Here's a list of previous Teaching Fellows who have taught with Gary King: