2018 Posters

"Regime convergence within international linkage networksSascha Riaz

"The American public’s preferences over judicial philosophiesAlbert H. Rivero and Andrew R. Stone

"Majority heterogeneity and leadership power in the U.S. House of Representatives" Connor Phillips

"The educational consequences of growing up unequal: Examining the relationship between local income inequality and educational attainment" Meredith Dost

"Were the activists right? Outcomes for women and children under Prohibition" Elisabeth Perlman (US Census Bureau) and Casey Petroff

"Rally or fracture? An interrupted time series analysis of elite communication during terrorism eventsHarry Oppenheimer

"Does the messenger matter? Testing the effect of “presidentializing” bureaucratic policy on public supportJesse Gubb

"Party competition and legislative conflict: Legislative dimensionality in the American South, 1880-1930" Michael Olson

"Election season in the sheriff’s office" Mark Hill and Michael Zoorob

"Better the devil you know: Municipal political dynasties in Mexico" José Ramón Enríquez

"The anatomy of voting, up and down the ticket" Shiro Kuriwaki

"Compete or cooperate: How institutional choices shape the interaction between traditional leaders and the state in AfricaSoeren J. Henn

"Speaking up, speaking more? Female participation in congressional committees" Pamela Ban, Justin Grimmer (Chicago), and Jaclyn Kaslovsky

"Does fake news work? Fake news and ideological bias in news consumption" Jinyan Zang and Justin Pottle