2019 Posters

Diverse News Media Can Decrease Misperceptions about Immigration Hanno Hilbig and Sascha Riaz
Modelling Heterogeneity Using Complex Sparsity Max Goplerud
"Restoration" and Representation: Legislative Consequences of Black Disfranchisement in the American South, 1879-1915 Michael Olson
There's (rarely) a New Sheriff in Town Michael Zoorob
Leaving Votes on the Table: How Considering the Joint Distribution of Voter Preferences Affects Measurement of Substantive Representation Mitchell Kilborn
A Brief Moment in the Sun: Politics, Race, Punishment, and the Rise of the Proto-Carceral State Soumyajit Mazumder
Reinforcement Learning in Observed and Unobserved Networks Connor T. Jerzak
Does the Supreme Court Constrain Lower Court Behavior? Albert H. Rivero
Projecting Gender Onto States: An Empirical Study of the Linkage between Attitudes about Gender Hierarchies and Foreign Policy Views Chelsea Green
Vote Choice in Low-Information Elections Tyler Simko
Mapping Media Audiences and Content Slant on YouTube: A Bayesian Ideal Point Framework Soubhik Barari
Democracy as Civic Divorce: On the Friendship Metaphor in Democratic Theory Dimitrios Halikias
Public Opinion and Obstruction of the Supreme Court Nomination and Confirmation Process Andy Stone
Campaign Finance and Representation Arjun Vishwanath and Mitchell Kilborn
Intervening Variables: Race and Preferences Towards Use of Force Naima Green and Andrew Leber
Foreign Military Trainings and Security Sector Behavior: Evidence from Indonesia Austin Jordan and Avery Schmidt
Ahead of Their Time: Temporal Orientation and Organizational Technological Invention Max Kuhelj Bugaric
Conflict and Urban Agglomerations  M.D. Mangini and Casey Petroff
Complements Not Substitutes: Home Style and its Consequences for Representation in the Senate Jaclyn Kaslovsky
The Politics of the Slippery Slope Hunter Rendlemen