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Korean Historical Connection Bibliography Search
Korean History: A Bibliography Compiled by Kenneth R. Robinson

Calendar Conversion Tools

Academia Sinica Calendar Conversion Tool

Permits two-way conversion of years between Western and Chinese calendars.

음양력 변환계산

Provided by Astronomy & Space Science Informtion, from 1391 to 2050

Dictionaries and Language Tools

Korean Romanization Converter

AKS Glossary of Korean Studies
Chinese Dictionary
Chinese-Pinyin-English Dictionary
McCune-Reischauer Romanization Rules
NAVER Hanja Dictionary

Digital Maps

The American Geographical Society Library Digital Map Collection
USC Digital Archive

Search by Korea, map of Korea, etc. Or, use Browse tab.

규장각 고지도 Old Maps at Kyujanggak


Acta Koreana
Korea Citation Index 국내학술지 인용색인 
Korea Focus

Korea Foundation Webzine

Korea Journal
Korean Histories

On-line peer reviewed journal by the Centre for Korean Studies at Leiden University

Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society

Full-text Databases

Korean History On-line
Ancient Books about Korea online

list and link complied by Brother Anthony of Taize

Jangsoegak Archives 

한국학중앙연구원 장서각

NLK-HYL Korean Rare Book Digitization Project

National Library of Korea-Harvard Yenching Library Korean Rare Book digitization project offers digital images of select Korean rare books collected in Harvard-Yenching Library

People search
The Collected Works of Korean Buddhism

Table of contents and download links

Veritable Records of the Choson Dynasty

Choson wangjo sillok database created by Kojon ponyogwon

Veritable Records of the Choson Dynasty

Database created by Kuksa p'yonch'an wiwonhoe

Wagner-Song munkwa pangmok

Translation of pre-modern Korean texts

한국금석문 종합영상정보시스템

The Collection of Korean Epigraphy


         Database created by National Institute of Korean History 

Image Databases

1925 documentary of Korea by Nobert Weber, a Benedictine monk
Photos from Lillias H. Underwood, Fifteen Years Among the Top Knots, 1

Scanned photos and Korean texts are by Chum Lee, a blogger.

Photos from Lillias H. Underwood, Fifteen Years Among the Top Knots, 2
Photos from Lillias H. Underwood, Fifteen Years Among the Top Knots, 3
The AGSL Digital Photo Archive Asia and Middle East, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Digitalized Collection of Smithsonian Museum

Korean Art from 10th century BCE–20th century

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Search by "The Joseon Dynasty of Korea".

Library and Other Institutional Websites

Harvard University Korea Institute
Digital Resources for Korean Studies Harvard-Yenching Library
Early Korea Project at Harvard's Korea Institute
Academy of Korean Studies
Association for Asian Studies
Association for Korean Studies in Europe
Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics
Korean Studies: Moderated Korean Studies Internet Discussion List
Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies
The National Library of Korea

  KORCIS Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System

Study of Religions

East Asian Buddhist Studies: A Reference Guide (including extensive Korean resources)
Information on Korean Buddhism
Online Archive Korean Christianity
Digital Dictionary of Buddhism: English Terms Index

Web Publications, Personal

Don Baker's Korean History and Religion
Home Page of Brother Anthony of Taize An Sonjae
Sun Joo Kim, "Edward W. Wagner and His Legacy: Toward New Horizons in the Research of Korean History"