Useful Websites



Calendar Conversion Tools

Academia Sinica Calendar Conversion Tool: Permits two-way conversion of years between Western and Chinese calendars.
음양력 변환계산: Provided by Astronomy & Space Science Informtion, from 1391 to 2050

Dictionaries and Language Tools


Digital Maps

USC Digital Archive: Search by Korea, map of Korea, etc. Or, use Browse tab.


Acta Koreana
Korea Focus: Korea Foundation Website
Korean Histories: On-line peer reviewed journal by the Centre for Korean Studies at Leiden University

Full-text Databases

Korean History On-line
Chinese Text Project: an online open-access digital library of pre-modern Chinese texts 
NLK-HYL Korean Rare Book Digitization Project: National Library of Korea-Harvard Yenching Library Korean Rare Book digitization project offers digital images of select Korean rare books collected in Harvard-Yenching Library
Jangsoegak Royal Archives: 한국학중앙연구원 장서각 디지털 아카이브
People search: 한국역대인물 종합정보시스템
한국고전종합DB: Translation of pre-modern Korean texts
Veritable Records of the Chosŏn Dynasty: Chosŏn wangjo sillok database created by Kojŏn Pŏnyŏgwŏn
Veritable Records of the Chosŏn Dynasty: Database created by Kuksa P'yŏnch'an Wiwŏnhoe
Daily Records of Royal Secretariat: 승정원일기
Records of Border Defense Council: 비변사등록
한국사데이터베이스: Database created by National Institute of Korean History 
Wagner-Song munkwa pangmok: requires log-in
한국금석문 종합영상정보시스템: The Collection of Korean Epigraphy
The Collected Works of Korean Buddhism: Table of contents and download links
Ancient Books about Korea online: list and link compiled by Brother Anthony of Taize

Image Databases

Digitalized Collection of Smithsonian Museum: Korean Art from 10th century BCE–20th century
The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Search by "The Joseon Dynasty of Korea"

Library and Other Institutional Websites

Harvard University Korea Institute
한국고전적종합목록시스템: KORCIS Korean Old and Rare Collection Information System

Study of Religions

East Asian Buddhist Studies: A Reference Guide (including extensive Korean resources)
Information on Korean Buddhism
Online Archive Korean Christianity
Digital Dictionary of Buddhism: English Terms Index

Web Publications, Personal

Home Page of Brother Anthony of Taize An Sonjae
Sun Joo Kim, "Edward W. Wagner and His Legacy: Toward New Horizons in the Research of Korean History"