Abstract Page

Yuhang Li: “Anthropomorphizing Icons through Gendered Bodies: Rethinking Chen Hongshou’s Dharma Likeness of Cundi Buddha Mother”

Carolyn Wargula: “Silk, Hair, and Gold: Materializing Women in Embroideries of Amida’s Welcoming Descent”

Youn-mi Kim: “Textile, Talismans, and Incantation: Tracing Female Agency in Chosŏn Buddhist Practice”

Melissa McCormick:  Ōtagaki Rengetsu’s Haptic Poetics and the Non-Self


Kate Lingley: ​​”Buddhist Women, Patronage, and Agency in Early Medieval China"

Talia Andrei: “The Elderly Nun, The Rain Treasure Child, and the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel: Tracing Patronage and Buddhist Networks at the Grand Shrine of Ise”

Jinah Kim: “Women in Action: Gender dynamics in the art of medieval South Asia”

Michelle McCoy: “Notes on the Tangut Nun in Mogao Cave 61”


Discussant: Janet Gyatso

Ashley Thompson: “Becoming and Unbecoming: Meditations on Gender and Form at Srei Santhor”

Ikumi Kaminishi: “Buddhist Women Who Crossed the Cordon”

Ryūichi Abé: “The Dragon Princess Episode in a Larger context early Mahayana literature”

Megan Bryson: “Meeting the Multifaceted Goddess: Images of Baijie Shengfei”