2014 Conference Program


Keynote Address

Sperry Room; Thurs, 6:15-7:30pm  (Reception to Follow in Braun Room)
“Romanticism, Modernity, and the Study of Religion: Politics, Ecology, and Spirituality at the Crossroads”
Mark S. Cladis, Brooke Russell Astor Professor of the Humanities, Brown University

Panel on “The Future of the Study of Religion"

Sperry Room; Fri, 6:15-8pm (Reception to Follow in CSWR)
* Francis X. Clooney (S.J., Parkman Professor of Divinity and Professor of Comparative Theology and Director of the Center for the Study of World Religions, Harvard Divinity School)
* Janet Gyatso (Hershey Professor of Buddhist Studies, Harvard Divinity School)
* Amy Hollywood (Elizabeth H. Monrad Professor of Christian Studies, Harvard Divinity School)

Roundtable on “Public Writing and the Academy”

Sperry Room; Thurs 2-3:30pm
*  Chair: Anne Harrington, Harvard University
*  Myrna Perez Sheldon, Rice University (Editor-in-Chief of Cosmologics: a Magazine of the Science, Religion and Culture program)
*  Leah Aronowsky, Harvard University (Editor of American Science: The Blog for the Forum for The History of Science in America)
*  Max Mueller, Harvard University (Co-Founder Religion and Politics)
*  Yoni Applebaum, Harvard University (Correspondent for The Atlantic)


Professionalization Panels


Academic Jobs Panel

Andover Chapel; Fri 12-2pm
* Noah Feldman (Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Harvard Law School)
* Dan McKanan (Ralph Waldo Emerson Unitarian Universalist Association Senior Lecturer in Divinity, Harvard Divinity School)
* Sharmila Sen (Executive Editor-at-Large, Harvard University Press)
* Laura Stark (Director of Career Advising and Programming for Master’s and PhD Students, Harvard University)

Academic Teaching Panel

Andover Chapel; Sat 1-3pm
* Ali Asani (Professor of Indo-Muslim and Islamic Religion and Cultures and Director of the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program, Harvard University)
* Aisha M. Beliso-De Jesus (Assistant Professor of African American Religions, Harvard Divinity School)
* Emily Click (Assistant Dean for Ministry Studies and Field Education and Lecturer on Ministry, Harvard Divinity School)
* Ahmed Ragab (Richard T. Watson Assistant Professor of Science and Religion and Director of Science, Religion, and Culture Program, Harvard Divinity School)



The Study of Religion: Past, Present, and Future”

* “Hebrew Bible and Philosophy" as an Emerging Field (Andover 117) Thurs 4-5:45pm
* Ethnographies of Hybridity, Syncretism, and Identity (Sperry Room) Fri 10:15-12
* Constructions of “Religion” and its Histories (Sperry Room) Fri, 2-3:45
* De-centering Western Epistemologies, Categories and Criteria in the Study of Religion (Sperry Room) Sat 9-10:45
* Scholars, their Methods and Frameworks (Sperry Room) Sat 11:15-1pm

“Religion and Environmental Imagination”

* Spaces and the Uncontainable (Andover 102) Sat 9-10:45
* Ritual Material and Environmental Ethics (Andover 102) Sat 11:15-1pm
* Environmental Thought, Environmental Practice (Andover 102) Sat 3-4:45pm
* Roots for Ecological Communities (Andover 102) Sat 5:15-7pm

“Religious Meaning of Skin” 

* Tattooing: Displaying the Skin (Andover 103) Fri 10:15-12
* The Religious Meaning of Skin (Andover 103) Fri 2-3:45
* Suffering Skin (Andover 103) Fri 4:15-6


“Epistemologies of Emotion”

* Shifting Constructions of Emotion and Philosophies of Religion (Andover 102) Fri 10:15-12pm
* The Emotional Body and Christian History and Theology (Andover 102) Fri 2-3:45pm
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