Barwick Colloquia

Every year the graduate students and faculty invite visit a number of speakers to the department to share some of their most recent work. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to meet scholars within and beyond our specific sub-fields. If you're interested in attending any of this year's talks, please join is in the Davison Room in the Music Library on the dates given at 3:15pm.

Current speakers
Mike Ladd (September 17th)
Catherine Lamb (November 26th)
Elizabeth Margulis (University of Arkansas, February 25th)
Bonnie Gordon (University of Virginia, March 24th) – POSTPONED due to COVID-19
Alisha Jones (Indiana University, April 21st) – POSTPONED due to COVID-19
Ashon Crawley (University of Virginia, April 28th) – POSTPONED due to COVID-19
Past speakers