Hosted annually for the past twelve years, the GMF Spring Conference invites students from peer institutions to present their research at a conference held at the Harvard Department of Music. Our annual conference gives GMF members and students from across Harvard the opportunity to hear current scholarship in the field and to interact with visitors, peers and faculty in a professional setting. In recent years this has grown to a two-day event featuring papers from graduate students from across the USA and from Europe. The conference is open to the public, and thus also serves as a form of community outreach.

This year's conference is "Music, Sound, and Censorship." It will be held on February 8-9, 2019 at the Department of Music at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts with a keynote address by Dr. Brigid Cohen. We hope that the conference will contribute to our understanding of the effect that censorship has on the sounds and music we hear across historical periods, cultures, and geographies. For a full Call for Submissions, see the conference site here

Past Conferences

2018: Ex-centric Music Studies

2017: Black Lives Matter: Music, Race, and Justice

2016: Musical Cartographies

2015: Work and Play: Economies of Music

2014: Color and Music

2013: Music at the Margins

2012: Music * Technology * Media