Giulia Accornero

Giulia Accornero

Lunch Talk Coordinator

I have always been interested in understanding musical phenomena as they relate to human experience. This interest is coupled with a close concern with the ways we think and talk about music in theoretical reflections, especially the philosophical foundations of our thoughts.

I believe that theory is one of the ways in which human beings respond to music, and that this discipline has the responsibility of attempting to conceive and prepare a proper space in our world for music. As a result of this particular focus, all subject-matter that could extend my way of understanding music became the driving force behind my intellectual endeavors: my interests range from Ancient Greek music theory to New Music.

In the future, one of the areas to which I would like to dedicate my theoretical studies is that of compositional thought and processes, with a particular focus on the role of music notation.

Previous studies:

2010 BA Economics (Bocconi University, Milan)

2013 BA Musicology (“G. Verdi” Conservatory, Milan)

2016 MA Musicology (“G. Verdi” Conservatory, Milan)

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