Promoting World Community Grid

December 17, 2010

Be a human and donate your wasted CPU cycles to a wide range of projects computed by the massive grid available at

Sponsored by IBM.

Privacy and security:

Privacy & security
World Community Grid assures Members that applications will not damage their systems or invade their privacy in any way. Our agent runs unobtrusively in the computing background and is not invasive. It cannot detect or change any...

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Imaging Software Recommendation for HMDC Public Labs

December 17, 2010

Active @Disk Imaging software is one of the very useful imaging technologies which is capable of cloning the hard drive for a Windows 7 operating PC.

More details on the product and its costs can be found at

It is least expensive and for the infrastructure IQSS/CGIS/HMDC has, this is a very worthy tool.

Building a virgin image and storing it on an external drive and using it directly or over the network to reimage the "out of order" computers is very easy  and also faster when compared to a traditional imaging technology in...

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2010 Nov 15


3:00pm to 4:00pm

Meeting with Dr. James Cuff, Director of Research Computing and Chief Technology Architect, FAS, Harvard University


  1. Identify the total number of Computers available on campus
  2. Inquire about the size of manageable grids
  3. Putting forward the proposal of adding almost all the computers avaliable to the grid
  4. Calculating the total capacity of the potential grid
  5. Identifying the end users who need this huge capacity

Potential viable applications

The result is the combined power of all the computers on the Grid.

The existing GRID on Harvard Campus is managed and maintained by Research Computing Division of FAS and more details can be found at Many researchers/scientists campus wide are utilizing this grid to come up with breakthroughs ranging from research in Physics to Biological Sciences, to Economic Modelling

But the purpose of this project is to extend the scope and bind together all the available computers on campus into appripriate number of manageable grids and use the computing...

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