Imaging Software Recommendation for HMDC Public Labs

December 17, 2010

Active @Disk Imaging software is one of the very useful imaging technologies which is capable of cloning the hard drive for a Windows 7 operating PC.

More details on the product and its costs can be found at

It is least expensive and for the infrastructure IQSS/CGIS/HMDC has, this is a very worthy tool.

Building a virgin image and storing it on an external drive and using it directly or over the network to reimage the "out of order" computers is very easy  and also faster when compared to a traditional imaging technology in use.

HMDC has around 20 Dell Optiplex computers in labs and $49 (Corporate License of Active @ Disk Imaging Software) is absolutely a very cost effective way to keep all the computers running 24/7 (No downtime at all).


Ranjit Nilacanta Venkata