About Us

The mission of the Gender Violence Program is to engage students in changing laws and policies that have allowed violence against women to continue unabated. To this end, the research and law reform program:

  • Develops transformative legal policy that has implementable and practical solutions to combat gender violence.
  • Holds conferences and generates legal scholarship that advances our understanding of gender violence
  • Works with law enforcement  to promote better protection for vulnerable populations.

By teaching students to understand and recognize gender violence, providing a legal framework for addressing and analyzing it, and giving students opportunities to engage in policy work it contributes to the Harvard Law School mission “to educate leaders who contribute to the advancement of justice and the well-being of society”.

The Program has helped hundreds of women and girls to find their voice and stand up for their rights.  We have contributed to pioneering policy innovations such as:

  • Preventing domestic violence homicide through the use of GPS monitoring of high risk domestic violence offenders in conjunction with the High Risk Team Model
  • Protecting students from sexual assault on campus through the use of Title IX
  • Training the Middlesex Police chiefs on investigation and prosecution techniques to combat sex trafficking
  • Developing peer-to-peer educational initiatives on sexual respect
  • Mentoring students from Harvard on a digital problem solving initiative in creating technology to combat sexual assault and making data on sexual assault accessible and easily leveraged.

If you are interested in learning more about the Gender Violence Program, please email us at gvprogram@law.harvard.edu.